This incarnation of Psychic High School is marooned in a lost dimension.
Please enjoy its archeology.

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PSYCHIC HIGH SCHOOL believes in students. We also believe in clairvoyance, telepathy, and cat possession.

The School's Behind
The rhododendron garden in bloom behind the manor house.
We believe in precognition, divination, teleportation, transubstantiation, and the Teenage Nation. We believe in time travel, dimensional travel, astral travel, instantaneous travel, train travel and space travel.

And we believe that when you're attacked by ethereal brain slugs on a dark street at night, you should have a posse of psy-ninjas to back you up.

Psychic High School is an international organization offering traditional instruction in the development of psychic powers. Whether it's weather control, precognition, or the ability to turn pop flat with a glance, we have a class for you.

who's wearing the goat's head?
The Vernal Equinox Celebration is always one of the most spirited events of the year.
Our campus covers a beautiful 13 acre estate formerly owned by the actress Charlene Tilton. Access to the school is available via most abandoned railroad tracks, local caves, small groves of trees (especially cottonwood and cedar), and through many crawl-spaces and furnace rooms found in the home.


Two clairvoyant freshmen who were instrumental in the recovery of stolen goods are commended by a representative of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Psychic High School provides a safe location for students to hone their skills in a controlled environment where they needn't worry about injuring themselves or innocent bystanders in the process. Our state of the art facilities, including the Derek Barnes Memorial School of Spontaneous Human Combustion, provide specialized environments not found outside of the most secret government laboratories.

certified krezner technologists Utilizing Krezner technology, certain psychic abilities can be honed and expanded at unprecedented rates.


Through respect, community, and exploration, Psychic High School instills and nurtures the values of self-respect and self-reliance, as well as the ability to work with others, to excel, to ignite things with a thought, to travel through time, space, and dimension, speak with the dead, levitate, and become invisible.

Please enjoy our site. Stop by an take a look at our students' pages, and if you think you'd feel at home here, we'd love you to come and join us!  





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