In learning to work with nature, rather than against it, the technology we are developing will allow us to dominate and recreate the whole of existence. Our Time Travel department may have already done this.


Like the deepest and most unspeakably alien reaches of the geothermally warmed seas of the hollow earth, the roots of psychic energy spring from ancient knowledge and arcane rites, and make you really dizzy.


At Psychic High School we are passionate about what we do, and school spirit plays an important role in that. We have also discovered that kabbalistically inspired cheerleading routines have power both on and off the playing field.

Student of the Month

Helena Richardson

Helena first discovered her astral travel abilities growing up in a sensory deprivation community on the high plains of New North America. "Frankly, I felt really isolated back home. Psychic High School as given me a place where friends have never been less distant."


Helena enjoys skiing, tennis, and being captain of the psychic forensics team, all from the comfort of a lead-lined tank in her dorm room. She was recently awarded the highest civilian honor from a governmental organization we are not allowed to name for her assistance in the recovery of stolen property.

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